Saturday, September 12, 2009

First "Hoooooowwwl!"

"Ruff, Woofety Woof!" Opps! Or should I say, "Hello there, friends!" It's my first post and I better get used to talking in this "human" language! Anyway, my name is Lucy and I'm so excited you decided to read my blog on this fine day! I was recently introduced to this fuuuurtastic blog by my doggy cousin Sedona. She told me all about the talented and furrendly pups hoping I would join too! And guess what?!? I digg it! So hopefully you all will enjoy getting to know me as much as I have enjoyed getting to know you! Well, I....WOOF! Oh, Boy that was my squeaky toy! I gotta go! But in the mean time enjoy this picture of me and Sedona exchanging some kisses! <3